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Elephant Heart Customer Testimonials


We love hearing from you. Thanks to all our EH fans for your kind words and positive feedback!


Elephant Heart Jewelry is an amazing combination of unique style and sophisticated design at an incredibly reasonable price point. As a Costume Designer, Elyse Graham has been my secret weapon to adorning fashion icons like Vanessa Williams and Tyra Banks on a budget with them never the wiser.

-- Christopher Lawrence, Costume Designer for Hannah Montana: The Movie

The new website is really well designed.  My first purchase was super easy!

-- Annie Carmichael

Elephant Heart Jewelry is inspired by nature and improves upon it.  Each piece is delicate in form, exciting in design and always beautiful.

-- Adrian Miller
I absolutely adore my three Elephant Heat necklaces. I especially love how the colors are so vibrant and rich, yet very girly and delicate. The pieces add a special touch to any outfit and are perfect for either day or night. When I wear an Elephant Heart piece, I receive many compliments which makes me feel great. Elyse's work is perfection!
-- Danett Pollack

I am so happy and proud to wear your jewelry. I have a necklace and pair of earrings that you designed. When I put them on, it's not just jewelry that I'm wearing, but also Elyse's inspiration, creative artistry and artwork. Elephant Heart Jewelry is like an heirloom to me-- something I will treasure always. I also love that Elyse's necklaces are accessible for people with disabilities. You don't have to reach way behind to clip them. They're designed so you can fasten them in front through an easy-to-use hook. Your jewelry designs inspire me with confidence each day. Thank you Elyse. Keep designing!

-- Iris Melencio
I love Elephant Heart Jewelry!  Not only can I wear it when I go out, but many of the pieces are perfect for work as well.  Whether at work or play, the pieces I wear are always memorable.  For instance, the other day I walked into my fourth grade classroom and one of my students looked at me and said, "I knew you were going to wear those earrings (the Starfish Earrings)!"  I replied by asking how she knew that.  She said, "well you either wear your Starfish, Leaves (Bay Leaf Earrings) or Twigs (Baby's Breath Earrings)."  What can I say, these pieces of jewelry always make an impression, even on my ten-year-old students!
-- Sarah Spiwak

Every piece of Elephant Heart Jewelry has the ability to stand on its own as a piece of art. I have found myself deciding what to wear based on the necklace or bracelet, not simply placing the piece on as an afterthought. They all have the ability to catch the eye of anyone who is around and I am constantly receiving compliments. The stunning jewelry and the message that stands behind it is something worth supporting.

-- Jessi Cazary

I love that the Elephant Heart collection contains something for everyone from contemporary to classic. I especially love the quartz with gold pieces that are dainty yet sophisticated. Jewelry completes an outfit and I immediately feel my femininity come out when I wear a piece Elyse has designed.

-- Stacey Young

You should be very proud of your business, your work ethic and the attention given to your clients. The civility and grace that you display, in your art and business, defines you. The power of one "human being" moves us all towards a future, distant but reachable.

-- John MacInnis

Elyse’s jewelry is delicate with a charm and sense of whimsy, which gives it a romantic flair.

-- Cate Adair, Costume Designer, Desperate Housewives
I get so many compliments on my stunning Ice Cave Necklace. Now it's my turn to compliment Elephant Heart. Elyse has created a contemporary, unique design that is also delicate and easy to wear--day or evening, formal or casual.  Love it!!
-- Taren Ray

I love how Elephant Heart Jewelry is inspired by nature and sea life.  There is a playful quality to the jewelry; yet it is very wearable, delicate and quite beautiful.  I have never worn Elephant Heart jewelry out and about without someone complimenting me on it. 

-- Nancy Pak

There is no piece of jewelry that attracts more compliments than my gold and turquoise necklace from Elyse. I've been wearing it on regular rotation for a year. It's a classic with edge. Like ancient Egypt meets the catwalk. It's perfect.

-- Sarah Fuss
I wanted to let you know the success of  our holiday gift giving  for the last two years with your beautiful jewelry.  The women of the Free Loan are well adorned with your lovely creations...and, of course, they love me for choosing your great designs for them. Keep up the good work!
-- Mark Meltzer

Elyse's jewelry is like a beautiful painting infused with the breath of life. Each stone glows with its own light--the sea-breeze green of the Apatite, the mysterious deep purple of Amethyst-- so that wearing it always makes me feel slightly exotic.

-- Kim Ballard
I just wanted to compliment you on the Wind Chime Earrings.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I love the simple grace of their shape and their movement--not to mention that they are light as a feather.  They are such a beautiful accent to wear with just about everything.  I've gotten so many compliments on them.  Your designs are exquisite and I can't wait to get another pair...(I have my eye on the Desert Bloom Earrings).  Well, just wanted to express how much I enjoy wearing them.  Thank you!
-- Ana Chavez

Elephant Heart Jewelry is earthy and powerful, yet also delicate.  When I see women wearing her creations, like my Aunt Katie who often dons her Green Earth Earrings--I am moved by how subtly the jewelry adds such a loveliness to her face. It's a testimony to Elyse's understanding of true beauty. I am always excited to see what she will create next.

-- Annie Carmichael

I proudly and joyfully wear a piece of jewelry that you created. It was given to me as a gift from a dear person who actually afforded me the oppotunity to view your maginificent work and select something for myself.

When I saw your work, I was impressed by its uniqueness. I am not one to easily be moved by jewelry, however, I found myself taken with each piece that I saw. I chose the beautiful, delicate necklace with a gold "Sand Dollar" pendant. The minute I saw it, I not only fell in love with its beauty, but I felt a connection to it. I have always loved the sight of a sand dollar washed up on the beach and knowing how fragile they are, when I find one that is intact, I am in awe that the elements have not already whittled it away.

I want to let you know how much joy this necklace brings me and how many have to stopped to admire it. Thank you for your talents and for sharing them with others.

-- Karen Schetina

I have several pieces from Elyse from over the past few years and I absolutely love them. I receive compliments everywhere I go. Plus, I love knowing that I'm wearing something that comes from a wonderful artist and an amazing person.

-- Lauren Segall

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchases from the newest Elephant Heart collection.  I look forward to each one of your new creations.  Your ingenuity, designs and ability to think "ahead of the curve" are really fabulous.  It's so great to know that when I buy something, it will always go with another piece I already have.  I have given several of your pieces as gifts to my friends and, without exception, they loved everything.

-- Leslie Laxer

I have three pieces from Elephant Heart and each piece is unique and timeless. My favorite thing about the jewelry is that I can dress it up or wear it casual.  It is truly universal jewelry that I will keep forever.  Thank you!

-- Adina Kraus

Elephant Heart Jewelry has changed my look!  Before I met Elyse, I used to only wear classic pearls and a gold necklace--beautiful, but not all that interesting.  I now have a new look with unusual gems, shapes and styles--all because of Elyse!  One of my favorite pieces has gorgeous clusters of sky blue chalcedony gems.  Every time I wear the necklace, I am asked where I found it and told "wow, this is gorgeous!"   It is wonderful to have something so special that everyone else wants!

-- Carol Phillips

The quality and style of Elyse’s pieces are timeless.  They are feminine and can suit any character.

-- Jacqueline Wazir, Assistant Costume Designer, Desperate Housewives

I get so many compliments on my turquoise piece.  Everyone loves it!  It really makes a statement and it looks best with bright colors.  I really love it.

-- Danielle Evans

I want to let you know how thrilled I am with my Green Earth earrings from the Elephant Heart collection. The intense green color really stands out and the earrings are just the right size for my small, narrow face. All too often I find earrings to be overwhelming, but these are perfect. I know I will get a great deal of pleasure out of wearing them.

-- Linda Kupperstein

Elyse's work is somehow elegant yet funky, classic yet unique, solid yet delicate. Her necklaces were the perfect bridesmaid gifts. The girls wore them at the ceremony and then to eat donuts and go sightseeing the next day. They are versatile and beautiful. Thank you.

-- Maya Grobel

I have several Elephant Heart pieces.  They are all stylish and contemporary. The jewelry is versatile, incredibly easy to wear and perfect for all occasions. It offers an exquisite look that is good for day or for evening.

-- Rachel Grose

I was pleasantly surprised by a gift from my husband, Saul. The necklace and earrings set are precisely my style. The design is simple, elegant and sophisticated. Gold is always in style. The earrings are feminine, understated and unique. I wear them many times each week. The necklace is delicate and bold at the same time. So, as you can tell, I really love your designs and hope I have the pleasure to receive and purchase more in the future.

-- Tatum Korin
Elyse's creations are beautifully handcrafted and a pleasure to wear.
-- Stacey Barrett
I love my dangling gold earrings--the color and length are perfect!  The design is delicate and unique, and I get compliments every time I wear them.
-- Kate Martin
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