Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Before placing your order, please review the following terms and conditions regarding our purchasing policies on this website.

Retail Orders
Order online at www.elephantheart.com. If you have any questions regarding the status of your order, please email support@elephantheart.com or call 323.908.0828.

All Elephant Heart jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles. Orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks of receipt of the order and payment.

Elephant Heart uses only the finest materials available. Because of the natural characteristics of gemstones, your actual piece may differ slightly in color, shape, and size from the images viewed on the website. Please note that variations in color between computer monitors may also create discrepancies in gemstone color.

Elephant Heart accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and also PayPal.

Sales Tax
For orders shipped within the State of California, a sales tax of 9.75% will be applied to your order.

If you buy 5 or more of the same piece in our Bridal Collection, you will receive a 10% discount that will be applied to your entire order. If multiple discounts are offered on the Elephant Heart Jewelry website, only one discount - that is of greater or equal value - will apply.

Shipping and Handling

All orders are shipped and insured via U.S. Postal Service. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

There are two domestic shipping options:

  • USPS Priority (2-3 business days) - $8.00 flat rate
  • USPS Priority Express (1-2 business days) - $20.00 flat rate

*please note - this includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, etc. Their delivery times will be at the longer end of the spectrum i.e. 3 business days for priority. 

All international orders are shipped and insured via U.S. Postal Service - Standard International (6-10 business days) - $15.00 flat rate.

Elephant Heart Greeting Cards are shipped via U.S. Postal Service - $4.00 shipping charge for each set of cards. If you purchase any items in addition to the Greeting Cards, the cards will be included in whatever shipping option you select (with no additional $4.00 charge).

If you have a specific shipping need that is not covered in our various options ,please contact support@elephantheart.com for special assistance. 

Return Policy

Returns must be made within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the merchandise. Each item must be in its original, unused condition. We offer exchanges or store credit only. Elephant Heart does not issue any refunds for returned items.

Items returned outside the specified time frame will be accepted at the discretion of Elephant Heart.

Returns must be insured and sent with a tracking number. Return shipping costs are the obligation of the customer. Elephant Heart will not assume any responsibility or provide financial remuneration for returned merchandise that is lost in transit.

If you would like to make a return, please email us at: support@elephantheart.com

Jewelry Repair and Maintenance
Elephant Heart has the highest standards for the quality of its merchandise. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and must be treated with care in order to preserve its original beauty. All merchandise is guaranteed to be free of defects. If an item needs to be repaired, it will be repaired free of charge for up to 60 days after receipt of the merchandise. Elephant Heart reserves the right to charge a repair fee after the 60 day period, as well as for jewelry that has been damaged due to misuse or customer neglect.

If you require assistance regarding repair or maintenance of your jewelry, please e-mail support@elephantheart.com

Changes and Cancellations
If you wish to cancel or modify your order, please send an e-mail as soon as possible to support@elephantheart.com. We will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, once a product has left our premises for shipment, the purchase cannot be cancelled or modified.

Privacy Policy
Elephant Heart recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers' personal and financial information. All information submitted to www.elephantheart.com is kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or shared.

We will use the personal and financial information that you have provided to administer our website services and/or to process any orders you may place online.

When you use our online store to place an order, you give us your consent to process and use your personal data in accordance with this online privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to all users of this website.

We will periodically send announcements and communications via e-mail. To be removed from our mailing list, please follow the instructions on each correspondence.

Elephant Heart features security measures to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information placed under our control. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity provided by Equifax Secure Global, all to ensure secure transactions for our customers. SSL is the industry standard security protocol to encode sensitive information, such as your credit card number. SSL creates a shared digital key, which only lets the sender and the receiver of the transmission scramble or unscramble information. To everyone else, even the servers relaying the message, the SSL transmission is indecipherable. SSL encryption can only be broken by intercepting the encrypted message, recording it, and using a computer to try every possible combination until the key is cracked. Most keys range from 40 to 1,024 digits long...as you can imagine, the number of possible combinations can be into the billions and beyond!

Site Encryption
Encryption is based on the mathematical scrambling and unscrambling of messages. The type of encryption we use assigns two keys - one is a public key and one is a private key. When you send us a message, you use our public key to encrypt your message. Once we receive your encrypted message, we use the private key to decode it. The same key cannot both encrypt and decrypt information. So, information encrypted using the private key can only be decrypted using the public key, and vice versa - ensuring the security of your information.

“Secure Site” Designation 
Before completing any transaction on a website, you should make sure it is a Secure Site. Being on a Secure Site means you are connected under the cloak of SSL security. You can tell if you are on a Secure Site if you see a padlock or key somewhere along the bottom or top of your browser's window. If the lock is closed or if the key is unbroken, you are dealing with a Secure Site. In most cases, you are also able to click on the lock or key to verify with Equifax Secure Global that the SSL Certificate is valid and up-to-date.