Sea Turtle Charm Necklace

$110.00 - $495.00
  • Sea Turtle Charm Necklace
  • Sea Turtle Charm Necklace
  • Sea Turtle Charm Necklace

Our Sea Turtle Charm Necklace symbolizes longevity and the awakening to opportunities. As a creature of both land and sea, the sea turtle also represents Mother Earth and environmentalism.

Sea Turtles have amazing survival skills and strategies. Similarly, we also have shields that protect us. They are more ancient than any other vertebrate animal. Long life and groundedness within life are associated with them.

Sea Turtles connect us with our primal essence. We need to go within our shell and come out when our ideas are ready to be expressed. We need to take our time and let the natural flow work for us. Too much, too soon can upset the balance. We need to stay grounded - focus on our thoughts and actions and slow to a pace that assures completion.

They do not move fast - this teaches us a new perception about time and our relationship to it. Is our life becoming too hectic? Are we not taking time for ourselves? Are we so busy that we can’t really see what’s going on? Are we going too slow and need to pick up the pace?

In terms of environmentalism, Mother Earth will care for us, protect us and nurture us as long as we do the same. For that to happen, we must again slow down and heighten our sensibilities - see our connection to all things.

Each necklace also includes our unique and meaningful heart pendant. The heart is our center, our core - it is the seat of spiritual, conscious life and of our emotions, spirit, soul.

The Sea Turtle Charm Necklace is available in a selection of metals, 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold. We also offer two chain lengths, 16 or 18 inches.

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